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Scan to email

Some customer may be experiencing scan to email issues if they using Shaw as their internet service provider (ISP). We have been in contact with Shaw regarding this and have been informed of the following:

We have made some updates to our email service recently and we no longer allow unauthenticated email to be sent through our SMTP servers. This is not something we’ve fully supported on our email service in the past, and this recent update was a planned change designed to make our email service more secure.

You will need to have an email address and password to send email with our service. If you don't currently have one, one can be created after logging into your account at, and going to My Services, Internet, and Create email. Once this is done, the outgoing settings for this account will need to be updated on your machine. Please see the link below for more information.

If you do have an email address and it has stopped working, it might be necessary to update the outgoing settings on your machine to reflect the proper username, password and security settings.

Server settings for email service, and further information can be found here:

What we know so far

Beginning on the late morning of June 21, 2021 we began to receive calls that copiers were no longer scanning to email. Every call received were using Shaw as their internet provider. We contacted Shaw and was informed by the technician that they also had several calls regarding email errors. We submitted a ticket to Shaw support and received the above response on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

While they did inform us on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 that it was a planned changed, they did not notify any of their customers of this change prior to making it, thus no one knew to make changes to their email or devices using as an email server.

In the above statement, they confirm Shaw is no longer allowing unauthenticated emails to be sent, but they did not make reference to port 25. Some servers, including Microsoft Office Direct Send use port 25 to send email. Customers using port 25 on non-Shaw servers also appear to be affected. We have requested clarification on this and are awaiting a response.


On July 1, 2021, we received notification from Shaw stating that they are blocking port 25 for dynamic IP addresses.

“ We do block all outgoing traffic on port 25 unless it is destined to our SMTP server ”

“ the port 25 block pertains to dynamic IP addresses only. Outbound port 25 is not blocked static IP addresses. ”

How might this affect you?

Many customers who use Shaw as their ISP have their copiers configured to send email using with no authentication on port 25. This is usually decided on because it is free and very simple to set up. But with Shaw beginning to block port 25, emails sent this way will fail. Also, emails sent to Microsoft Office 365 via the direct send method will fail as well as this uses port 25.

Shaw has provided this service to their business customers for many, many years and there was no notification that the use of port 25 was to be terminated. Shaw technicians that we spoke with were unclear if port 25 would be allowed again.

If you wish, you can contact Shaw directly and open a service ticket with them. Inform them that email being send to on port 25 are not being processed.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may be causing and ask that you understand that this is a Shaw issue which is beyond Bridgeport Office Solutions control.

What can you do?

Aside from contacting Shaw, the copier will need to be configured to use an alternate port. There are two options to do this:

Option 1

You can create a email address that the copier can connect to and send emails from. Most Shaw accounts include email addresses (you will need to check your account if you do have this and how many emails you can set up). Please visit for more information on configuring an email address.

Option 2

You can contact your email provider or IT person to obtain a new email address for the copier to use or you can use a current email you already have. Any email used for the copier will need to have two-factor authentication disabled and the email account will need to allow connections from a copier/application.

We will require the following information from your email provider/IT person:

  • SMTP Server Hostname
  • SMTP Server Port (cannot be 25)
  • TLS/SSL requirements
  • SMTP Username
  • SMTP Password
  • The email address the copier will be using (usually the same as the username)

When either option 1 or option 2 is completed, we can then configure the copier to use the new settings. Due to the high volume of calls regarding this issue, we will be doing the majority of these changes via remote support (accessing the machine via users computer remotely). Please contact us when the above information is obtained (include everything except the password) and we will contact you as soon as possible to configure your copier.

Please Note: Due to changes in security policies, some older copiers may not be able to connect to an email server via SSL/TLS.

I think our business is well known for their frequent - OMGEE, our copier is not working and we need someone down IMMEDIATELY, or OMGEE, we are out of toner and we need some IMMEDIATELY, and needless to say Bridgeport is always HAPPY AND PLEASANT when dealing with these FRANTIC phone calls. Then in comes Travis to the rescue of our copier woes always smiling always, willing to listen to the whining and complaining, Travis is it fixed yet? Travis is it fixed yet? Travis is it fixed yet? and always quick to fix the problem.
Not to forget your customer service, delivery and prices, you have made our Copier/Fax/Scanner Experience a much more smooth and trouble free zone in our busy working environment.

We are happy knowing you have our backs for all Copier/Fax/ Scanner solutions.