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Bridgeport Office Solutions (204) 953-0540
(204) 953-0540 43 Speers Rd. Winnipeg Manitoba R2J 1M2

Manitoba's First choice for Office Equipment

Copiers, Printers, Faxes, Postage Machines, Toners, Shredders, Cutters and much more

Consumers Choice Award

Consumers Choice Award Winner

For thirteen years running!

Since 2009, Bridgeport has been the recipient of the Consumers Choice Award. We are extremely proud of this achievement! Thank you Manitoba for making us the leader in office equipment sales and service!

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We pride ourselves on being a local Winnipeg company, and do our best to promote other Winnipeg businesses as well as support local charities. When you buy local, it stays local. This not only nourishes the economy, but contributes to people being more connected to their own community. Your money not only helps businesses local to you, but your family and neighbours as well. The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce says "when you buy local 30% more of your dollars stay in the community"


Our approach to sales is consultation. Our knowledgeable Account Managers will take the time to understand your particular workflow and use our 80+ years of sales experience to customize a solution that will keep your office efficient and productive.

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It's all about service at Bridgeport! Our certified Service Technicians are always prepared to assist you with any challenges you may have. We carry parts on hand and have many skilled technicians to ensure your office equipment remains running at its best. We are always only a phone call away and ready to serve you!


Our warehouse is stocked with supplies to maintain all of your office needs. Toner is shipped daily directly from our office here in Winnipeg. If you were to ever unexpectedly be without, simply give us a call and we can get you what you need almost immediately.

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No 1-800, what's your customer number, press 10 buttons here! We make dealing with us easy at Bridgeport. Just one phone call or email and all of your problems are solved. Our friendly Admin Team can help you on the spot with your questions, service requests and toner orders. Whether it's concerning payments, invoice details or anything at all, our courteous staff will get you the answers you need!

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Two words.

Love. Travis :)

What a great experience so far with Bridgeport !! Great Sales and Service.

I never thought I would be this excited about a copier lol.

Thank you all so much !! Thanks Rob for finding us, and helping me with all our questions!


In every position I've had in Winnipeg I've been fortunate enough to deal with Bridgeport - I don't know what I would do if I had to work with another company!


Having known you only for the past 7 months that I work here at the parish, and having worked at other places before, I have to say that I really appreciate the quality and courtesy of the service we get from you. Any call placed for a technical problem gets a quick and efficient response. And when I get on the phone for a question, I really feel, even without seeing the person I am talking to, that it always is "service with a smile"!
Keep up the good job!


We love dealing with Bridgeport for several reasons: You make an effort to match our printing needs within our budget to give the best possible value for our money; service calls are dealt with efficiently and service technicians always check the panel for remaining capacity on items which may require replacement in the near future; toner orders are filled promptly and the staff is always courteous when we need to call for service or supplies and has occasionally been able to resolve an issue over the telephone. If I have an issue with the copier on a day when I don't require immediate service, I will call ahead the day before to arrange a service call, and that has worked out well on many occasions. The online reporting for our meter readings is also very efficient. One thing that was really appreciated was the technician's ability to install the drivers for the copier onto our new computer remotely, saving both time and the cost of a service call.

Thank you for your courteous and helpful service.


Bridgeport Office Solutions has been our exclusive supplier of copiers and printers for over 10 years, and for good reasons:
They understand or business and the need for reliability.
Service for both newer and older equipment is always prompt.
Staff is friendly.
The products that we have acquired from Bridgeport have suited our needs for both price and performance.


We"ve been dealing with Bridgeport for years, and have always had excellent customer service. Whenever we"ve called in for a problem with our machine, the tech has always arrived within good time, and swiftly fixed whatever the problem was.


Some things we love about Bridgeport are your quality products and your fast and friendly service!
Whenever we have a problem with our machine someone is out here very soon to help resolve the problem. Everyone I talk to there is always very friendly and very helpful. If they can walk me through something they always take the time to help me understand and fix the issue.


Earl Holden is very good person and very supportive to the needs of our business as a non-profit organization.
Bridgeport"s quality of equipment, service and staff are amazing.
They are prompt to respond whether it is a question or service or supplies. Always ready to help us with a solution and or advice.
Our organization has always been pleased with everything the company has to offer and we have had the pleasure of doing business with Bridgeport for 8 years.
Bridgeport has generously supported our largest fundraising event.
We appreciate everyone at Bridgeport.
Thank you


I think our business is well known for their frequent - OMGEE, our copier is not working and we need someone down IMMEDIATELY, or OMGEE, we are out of toner and we need some IMMEDIATELY, and needless to say Bridgeport is always HAPPY AND PLEASANT when dealing with these FRANTIC phone calls. Then in comes Travis to the rescue of our copier woes always smiling always, willing to listen to the whining and complaining, Travis is it fixed yet? Travis is it fixed yet? Travis is it fixed yet? and always quick to fix the problem.
Not to forget your customer service, delivery and prices, you have made our Copier/Fax/Scanner Experience a much more smooth and trouble free zone in our busy working environment.

We are happy knowing you have our backs for all Copier/Fax/ Scanner solutions.


We are super pleased with the great customer service from Bridgeport..the quick response time,over the phone and/or with a technician sent to our office, if we have an issue ,(we have only had a few minor issues which where promptly fixed or dealt with)...
keep up the good service!