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Can't print after internet providor changed modems - August 8, 2014
When your internet provider (eg: MTS, Shaw) replace your modem, they often change the IP structure of your network. This causes anything with a static IP address, such as your printer, to stop working.

Most ISP companies will not ensure that the network will op...[More]
Beware of toner scams. - August 8, 2014
Toner Pirates try to trick companies into giving out information about their copier. They use high pressure tactics to mislead you into thinking you are dealing with your Office Equipment Provider. In order to gather as much information as they can, these people may call sev...[More]
Fiery Command WorkStation and Client Applications & Windows 10 - August 10, 2015
Fiery client applications are compatible with PCs running Windows 10 including:

Fiery Command WorkStation®, Fiery Hot Folders, and Fiery Remote Scan
Fiery Impose, Fiery Compose, and Fiery JobMaster
Fiery Color Profiler Suite and Fiery Graphic Arts Pa...[More]

Trouble Shooting Tips

If you are having trouble with your equipment, please feel free to try some of the following tips. As always, you can contact us for assistance or to request a service technician.

Beware of Toner Scams

There fas been increasing incidents of companies being called by people claiming to deliver quality toner at low cost

This scam involves high pressure tactics that are designed to mislead people into thinking they are dealing with their copier service provider

General Precautions for Paper Usage

The following types of paper should NOT be used, otherwise decreased print quality, paper misfeeds or damage to any MFP or printer may occur:

  • Any paper, card stock, transparency, labels, or other media that is not labeled for use in a copier. (i.e.: inkjet)
  • Overhead projector transparency that have already been fed through the machine (even if the transparency is still blank)
  • Labels that have already been fed through the machine (even if there are still blank labels on the sheet)
  • Paper that has been printed on by a heat-transfer printer or an inkjet printer
  • Paper that is either extremely thick or extremely thin
  • Folded, curled, wrinkled, or torn paper
  • Paper that has been left unwrapped for a long period of time
  • Damp paper, perforated paper, or paper with punched holes
  • Extremely smooth, extremely rough paper, or paper with an uneven surface
  • Paper that has been treated, such as carbon-backed, heat-sensitive or pressure-sensitive paper
  • Paper that has been decorated with foil or embossing
  • Paper of a non-standard shape (not rectangular)
  • Paper that is bound with glue, staples or paper clips
  • Paper with labels attached
  • Paper with ribbons, hooks, buttons, etc. attached
  • Paper that is not within specifications for your machine (check your user manuals for the specifications)

This list is partial and is intended for informational purposes only. Other paper/media may not be proper for your equipment. If you are unsure if the paper that you are using should be run through the machine, please contact us.
Failure to use proper paper/media may result in damages that are not covered under warranty or Maintenance Agreements.

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Bridgeport Recommended Media

Bridgeport Office Solutions recommends the following special paper for best results.

  • Hammermill colour copy paper
  • Avery Labels*
  • Hewlett Packard Transparency*

* NOTE: these items MUST be made for copiers.

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Where can I find the meter and/or serial number on my Konica Minolta?

If you require assistance in finding where your meter or serial number is located, you may call us at 204-953-0540 ext. 0 or visit the Konica Minolta website for a complete listing and directions.

*** NOTE ***

Not all machines have a mechanical meter. If your machine does not have a mechanical meter, please call us for directions on how to print a digital meter count

Colour machines require you to provide both a colour and B&W count.... Therefore only Digital Meter Counts are accepted.

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There is a line on the copies

- Lines are often caused by something on the slit glass (ie: whiteout). Try cleaning the slit glass (the 1" strip of glass left of the large platen glass) with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. Avoid using rough materials such as paper towels on the glass as they may scratch it.
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Paper is curling or crinkled when it comes out of the copier

- Curled and/or crinkled paper can be the result of damp paper caused by humidity. Try fanning and flipping the paper in the tray. If this doesn't work, try a new pack of paper.
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There is an error code/message on the screen

- There are many causes of malfunctions that are caused by outside influences (ie power fluctuations). Try opening and closing all the doors on the machine. If the symptom persists, turn the machine off/on by both the sub power and main power switch. If the problem does not correct itself, call for service.
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There is a message asking for a PM ("Call for PM")

- This message is asking you to call for a preventative maintenance. A PM is like an oil change for your car... we inspect and clean the equipment and replace any PM parts that are required.
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Jamming & Misfeeds

- Fan and/or flip the paper in the paper tray. If the problem persists, try a new package of paper.
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How to create a user box on Konica Minolta

The following information applies to the Bizhub:

  • C203/C253/C353/C451/C550/C650
  • 361/421/601/601/751

How to create a user box on Konica Minolta (Adobe PDF format)

Adobe Reader is required to view this document. Download Adobe Reader.

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How to create a new email/fax address on Konica Minolta

The following information applies to the Bizhub:

  • C203/C253/C353/C451/C550/C650
  • 361/421/601/601/751
  • Select the Utility/Counter button on the right side of the control panel
  • Select #1 One Touch/User Box Registration
  • Select #1 Create One-Touch Destination
  • Select #1 Address Book
  • Then you select what you want... If you want

To set up Email

  • Select the Email button
  • Select New in bottom left
  • Enter name
  • Select Index - Make sure to select favorites if you want it to be on main page
  • Select OK
  • Enter the email address you want
  • Select OK in bottom right
  • And... your done!

To set up Fax

  • Select Fax button
  • Enter a name in the name field
  • Select Index - make sure to select favorites if you want it to be on main page
  • Select OK
  • Select Address - enter fax
  • Select Line Settings if you need to make it international
  • Select OK in bottom right
  • And... your done!

View printable version

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How to change the password on Scan to PC

The following information applies to Bizhub colour models excluding the C6500.

  • Select the Utility Counter button
  • Select #1 One Touch Registration
  • Select #1 Create One Touch
  • Select #1 Address Book
  • Select #4 PC(SMB)
  • Select the name of the scanning you want to change
  • Select EDIT in the bottom right
  • Select PASSWORD
  • Enter new password
  • Select OK
  • Select OK
  • Reset
  • And... you're done!

View printable version

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How to access the Web Page on Konica Minolta

The following information applies to the Bizhub:

  • C203/C253/C353/C451/C550/C650
  • 361/421/601/601/751

How to access the Web Page on Konica Minolta (Adobe PDF format)

Adobe Reader is required to view this document. Download Adobe Reader.

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My Bizhub 200/250/350 is asking for a new PC Drum

- Basically, your machine is asking you to call us so that we may perform routine maintenance on the machine (replace the PC drum and developer)
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Paper Storage Tips

Observe the following precautions when storing paper

  • Store paper in a cool, dark location with little humidity
  • If humidity is a problem, then paper should be plastic wrapped
  • Allow paper to adjust to any extreme temperature or humidity changes before using
  • Store the paper laying flat, not standing on its edge. Curled paper may cause paper misfeeds

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How does the "whiteness and brightness" of paper affect copy quality?

The whiteness of paper is the measure of its ability to reflect the colours of light equally. The more evenly a paper reflects all colours of the spectrum, the whiter the sheet.

Brightness refers to the percent of light reflected back from a sheet of paper as measured by a light meter reading. Contrast is reduced and highlights are not as strong when paper with a lower brightness is used for a printed piece. The quality and brightness of paper is organized into size categories:

Paper Brightness
Premium 88.0 and above Brightness
Number 1 85.0 to 87.9 Brightness
Number 2 83.0 to 84.9 Brightness
Number 3 79.0 to 82.9 Brightness
Number 4 73.0 to 78.9 Brightness
Number 5 72.9 and below Brightness

Basically, you can think of your paper as being the fifth colour. As you know, copiers and printers use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to create colours. How well these colours are re-produced depend on the quality of the paper being used. Machines use the white of the paper to help create sharp, crisp images. Thus a whiter, brighter and more opaque paper will produce the best results.

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Can I recycle empty toner/toner waste bottles?

Bridgeport Office Solutions recycles toner waste bottles only. If you have a used toner waste bottle, keep it in a safe, but accessible, location and our service technicians will pick it up on the next service call.

If you would like to recycle empty toner bottles, Konica Minolta will now recycle them for you via their Clean Planet Program. For more information, please visit the Konica Minolta Clean Planet Program website.

Information for recycling Samsung toners can be found at

Information for recycling Canon toners can be found at

Because we do not have the capability of reconditioning empty toner bottles, Bridgeport Office Solutions does not collect empty toner bottles.

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My 2900/3900 fax, Di1610, Bizhub 161/160 is saying incorrect toner type on the screen

If your fax 2900/3900, Di1610, Bizhub 161/160 is telling you that you have the incorrect toner type installed, it can be corrected by: turning off the machine, holding the reset and no keys, then turning the machine back on. This should reset the toner type back to the correct setting. If this does not correct the problem, please call 204-953-0540 ext 0 for service.

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