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Reliable Service

At Bridgeport, we understand that when a machine is not working to it's full potential, it costs money...

Factory Trained Technicians

That is why each of our technicians are factory trained.

We believe that in order to fix it, you need to understand it. Our technicians understand not only the mechanics of the equipment, but the scientific theory behind it. Something as small as a particle of dust can leave a line across your paper. By understanding the theory, our technicians can imagine where in that large machine, the invisible particle of dust is... and eliminate it!

When you choose our Service Agreement option with your copier, our service team will ensure that your machine is in tip top shape. When a PM (preventative maintenance) indicator appears on your copier's screen, just contact us and we will dispatch a technician. A PM is like a doctors appointment. After so many copies, we like to inspect your machine to ensure top performance. This not only includes replacement of consumable parts, but a full inspection and a complete cleaning.

With an average response time of 4 hours or less, and a huge library of solutions, diagrams and everything else on copiers, our technicians can get you back up and running quickly in the unlikely event of a downed copier. And with our optional Service Agreements, your consumables (toner excluded on some agreements) are included!

Customer Satisfaction is our goal! That is why each of our technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and factory trained

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