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Bridgeport Office Solutions is Going Green

Konica Minolta, Canon, OKI and Samsung agree that protecting the environment for future generations is important. That is why they all have initiated recycling programs for emptey toner bottles.

Konica Minolta Clean Planet Recycling Program

" The Clean Planet Program is Konica Minolta's way of recognizing its responsibility towards the environment. From comprehensive environmental management systems to the energy and resources our products use, it ensures everything we do has awareness for the well-being of the planet.

No Cost to Customers
Our Clean Planet program is a cost-free recycling solution for waste toner cartridges and other recyclable consumables to Konica Minolta customers. Unlike other industry recycling plans, Konica Minolta's program allows our customers to return empty toner cartridges from any manufacturer, no matter the volume - free of charge.

Total Commitment to the Environment
Our promise is to continue the journey as an industry leader in developing best practices and technologies designed to protect our green planet by saving energy, minimizing pollution and reducing environmental impact through the entire life cycle of our products. In partnership with a leading recycler, we can ensure consumables are processed in an environmentally safe manner to reduce waste to landfills.

Konica Minolta encourages our customers to take a step ahead with us in reducing our eco-footprint by simply returning empty toner cartridges and other related imaging consumables to us for reuse.

No matter what volume of consumables you use, we have a recycling program to fit your needs. "

The Canon Toner Cartridge Return Program

"As part of its Clean Earth Campaign in Canada, the Canon Cartridge Return Program has collected more than 3 million cartridges that otherwise would have been discarded into landfills and has significantly reduced the volume of waste. Under the program, returned cartridges are put through a recycling and energy recovery process. This program produces plastics, metals and reconditioned parts that can be used in the manufacture of cartridges and other products." - Canon Canada Inc (

Samsung S.T.A.R. Programme

"At Samsung, we believe taking care of the environment is everyone's responsibility, which is why we're proud of the Samsung Take-Back and Recycle programme (S.T.A.R.) a no-cost, environmentally-conscious way to return used toner cartridges for recycling.

Operating on a Zero Landfill policy, the S.T.A.R. programme ensures that 100% of returned cartridges are recycled, including all shipping materials. Toner cartridges are recycled into useable materials, which then go back into the raw materials marketplace to become a range of new products. Through this process, the maximum value from each returned cartridge is obtained at the smallest environmental cost. Samsung is also researching ways to use those same raw materials in the production of new cartridges an innovation that would further reduce negative impact on the environment.

At Samsung Canada we're committed to providing Canadians with greener options we hope you'll join us in our efforts toward a greener planet." - Samsung (

OKI Recycling

Oki will accept Oki eligible consumables for recycling. Just print the shipping label and call Purolator. For more information on their recycling program, please visit

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